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In 1912 the Ritz Hotel was built in downtown Roanoke and eventually the hotel became a restaurant, Billy's Ritz, now named just - Billy's.

Mark and I went to Billy's for a date night. Nat King Cole and Miles Davis were playing which I love and we had a view of the courtyard. We had fried oysters for an appetizer, which were excellent. Mark had ordered the prime rib but it had been overcooked, we were told, so he got the cowboy ribeye instead. The general manager brought him some of the prime rib just to taste because it is an overnight recipe process that makes their prime rib so delicious and he just wanted Mark to sample it. I ordered the filet with the mushroom demi-glace. Soooo good. And of course I love their cheddar mashed potatoes.

See their dinner menu >

Dinner Menu 2021 June Billy's
Download PDF • 1.95MB

(What a perfect picture! I took that picture of the outside just as that antique car drove by.)

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