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Inn at Forest Oaks - Natural Bridge, VA

I am going to be adding some new author services to my web design business and I wanted to go away for a day so that I could do some proper research. I booked a room at the Inn at Forest Oaks in Natural Bridge. It turned out to be much more that I had thought it would be.

The original home was built by Sam Houston's cousin, Matthew Houston, in 1806. It survived the Civil War and was purchased by architect Curtis Walton and his aunt Lily. They made changes to the property turning the main house into an English manor house.

When Chris Walker and Cliff DeVito bought the home in 2011 it was empty and overgrown. It took them two years to restore the house. It is beautiful. So much detail is in every room.

My room was the Stratford Room. The window faced the front of the house. The bedroom and the large bathroom had a fireplace. The bed linens were wonderful and the bed was so comfortable. The towels were luxurious. Speaking of details, most places do not put much effort in the lighting but to me, who loves design, lighting makes a big difference in the feel of the room. There were several lamps and they were placed perfectly throughout the room on the antique furnishings. I didn't want to leave.

I wish I had taken a picture of the breakfast. It alone was worth the stay. First, we were served a large bowl of fresh cut fruit. Then we were served a large plate of wonderful homemade biscuits covered in sausage gravy with scrambled eggs flavored with cheese. Even the coffee was excellent. The food was so good. It was probably one of my favorite breakfasts that I have ever had. Although Percy's Delicatessen serves a pretty amazing breakfast as well.

I highly recommend the Inn at Forest Oaks. When I left I took a box of fresh cinnamon rolls from their bakery. Oh, the best! I will definitely be coming back. I cannot wait until their stone oven pizza restaurant opens.


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