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  • Michelle Gill

Spring Mix Caprese Salad with Salami

A friend of mine lives at the lake and we went out kayaking and she paddle boarding the other morning. Afterwards we had lunch on her pontoon boat and she had packed these wonderful salads in mason jars and toasted naan bread with olive oil and herbs. It was soooo good.

  • a variety of cherry tomatos (6)

  • fresh basil (a couple sprigs)

  • fresh mozzarella

  • salami

  • spring mix greens

  • balsamic vinegar (couple of tablespoons)

Pile ingredients in a mason jar and shake well when you are ready to eat. What a good idea she had!

(Salami is cured sausage consisting of fermented and dried pork. Naam bread is Mediterranean flatbread.)

*Thank you Jessica!

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