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First Steps in Podcasts


Like with your website, get focused. Keep the theme and look similar to your site, your brand. What is your intention for this podcast? Who is your audience? Name of podcast? Create a piece of cover art. Write the script for your first shows.


If you are really serious about this venture then research the best microphone and if you are including video, research the best set up for video podcasts including the best lighting. You can start out with your iPhone and the Anchor app. Anchor is the whole shabang and it is free.


Wix is already integrated with Soundcloud which is an option for beginning. Create an account in Soundcloud and upload your audio files there to your channel. It is free up to 3 hours of content. Anchor also hosts your podcast as well as records, they have an upload limit of 250MB. Buzzsprout is another good option but has an upload limit is 2 hours each month. Hosts have paid plans as your podcast audience and demand increases.


Whether you use Soundcloud, Buzzsprout, or one of the many other hosting options out there, you will need the RSS feed from that chosen hosting to upload your podcast to Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Uploading to both is free.

Once you have the RSS feed you can also add the Wix Podcast Player to your site.

These are the basic steps to getting a podcast going. But once you are up and running, you will need to take the time to research the best ways to monetize your podcast by adding subscriber features and ads.

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