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Stella's Grocery - Richmond, VA

Within walking distance from the Linden Row Inn, where we stayed, is Stella's Grocery. It is a small grocery that carries local foods and has an espresso bar. Stella's Groceries began with the award-winning Greek restaurant.

Stella was born in Greece in 1942 and came to America through an arranged marriage. Stavros, her husband, had opened his the Village Cafe in 1956 in Richmond. When Stella joined him, they worked together in the restaurant.

In 1983, the first Stella's restaurant was opened. It marked a return to traditional Greek food. Today, Stella's restaurants are located in Richmond and Charleston.

1012 Lafayette St

Richmond, VA 23221

Stella's Grocery, Richmond

Stella's Groceries are located throughout Richmond. For more info, check out their website:

inside Stella's Grocery in Richmond

Stella's Grocery

109 E Grace St

Richmond, VA 23219


Trail Hut

Don't miss the Trail Hut that is within walking distance to the Inn as well. It is a sweet outdoor gear exchange shop. Used and new items for the outdoors fill this old carriage garage.

114 N 2nd St

Richmond, VA 23219

Look for more articles about Richmond in the future! What should I check out on my next visit? Tell me in the comments below!


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