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Wix Classic Editor How-tos

Back when I was a fundraiser and event planner, I used other website platforms to build sites for my non-profits or political campaigns. Since that time I have come to prefer Wix above the rest and I am now a Wix Professional Partner and use Wix exclusively.

Below I have provided a few basic how-to resources for the Wix Classic Editor for my clients and the current Wix Pricing for potential clients.

Full Wix Blogging Course >

The Wix Owner app is designed to help you create, manage and grow your business on the go. Use the Wix Owner app to showcase what your business has to offer and communicate with your site members directly.

Wix Owners App >

The Spaces by Wix app is a dedicated app for your members to easily engage and stay updated with your site on the go.

Your members can connect with your online store, business, website or community. With the Spaces app, members can view all their upcoming events, browse and shop online, read, share, and interact with blog posts or book services on the go.

Spaces by Wix app >

How to Add and Edit Text

How to Add and Edit Images


Wix Pricing Plans

Email Marketing pricing is a separate cost. Domain is free the first year or if you own your own domain we can use it. Personalized Email addresses are through Google Workspace and are $6/month.

Wix Prices

*Includes Hosting, Platform, Security, Storage.

Wix Email Marketing

*For automations in the website, blog update notifications, newsletters, etc. (200 emails/month is free so you may not need an email marketing plan)


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