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Interview: April Dawn White, Writing Coach

April Dawn White, writing coach, author, and speaker

April is an author, speaker, and writing coach and she is also one of my closest friends and day trip buddy. Here are a few questions that I asked her so you can get to know her better and learn more about what a writing coach can do for you.

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When did you first start writing?

I began writing in 1998. What started as annual Christmas letters morphed into a blog after so many people continued to ask for more frequent letters. I started blogging in 2011 and I attended my first writing conference in 2015. I never imagined I'd write a book. But God used obedience in writing His story and an unexpected crisis of a rare illness to pivot my purpose from dispensing medication as a pharmacist, to dispensing hope. 

I see that you were traditionally published. How was the experience working with a publisher?

As a first-time author, I didn't know what I should've looked for. In hindsight, I would have approached things differently and perhaps considered an alternative path.


Did you have an editor and a publicist?

Yes and Yes. I was provided with a line editor for readability, but not a copy editor for syntax and technical accuracy. The publicist wrote a press release and back cover copy for my book (which I was able to preview and amend). 

Do you wish you had had a writing coach?


What does a writing coach do?

A writing coach offers help to writers who feel stuck or overwhelmed in the writing process. Writing coaches help writers discover their unique writing voice, get unstuck, and enjoy the process of writing again. Through one-on-one coaching, writers move from pause to progress.  

What is one of your favorite things about coaching?

Helping fellow writers make a breakthrough in their writing journey.

How do you find the difference in writing for a blog and writing for a book?

Because blogs are typically only 600-700 words, it forces the writer to write tight. Writing a book is a similar process, except it expands upon the idea, goes deeper, offers backstory, and context. 

Tell us about how your blog has been beneficial to others over the years.

My blog continues to be a source of encouragement for the weary and spiritual medicine for the soul. Readers appreciate my conversational writing style filled with authenticity and vulnerability. This same writing voice led to free-lance writing, serving as a columnist for the e-magazine Broken But Priceless, and later the publication of my first book, Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart


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April ordered the highly recommended French toast and I had scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and homestyle potatoes.

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