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Welcome! As a web designer and previously an event designer, I have traveled the east coast. I love to share my recommends from my travels from Florida to Maine and especially my local area in southern Virginia. I share food, places to stay, and fabulous people I meet along the way.

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Staying at the Linden Row Inn in Richmond

It's raining across the mountains in front of my house. The Blue Ridge mountains are where I am from. I live on land that was my grandfather's and his brother's before that. "Everyone has a story. Every story matters." is the tagline of my business. I design websites. My company name is Buffalo Creek Designs, "BCreek". Buffalo Creek and Lemon's Run are the creeks to the left and right of our property. 

My story began in a small town in Virginia. My dad was a character, he created my love of people, books, and adventures. He took me to bookshops all over town and on picnics along the parkway. He passed away when I was sixteen.

My first job was at Tony's Pizza and Tony's sister, who I worked for, only spoke Italian. She taught me to twirl pizza dough. The shop was located in the Market Square and I loved all the people who ran the food shops around us. The Chinese shop owner introduced me to Chinese food, he bet me that he could make me like it. Later I got a job at the local coffee shop on the same street and worked there for many years. I became the "tea expert", roasted the coffee, and eventually managed the shop. It would take me days to tell you the stories of all the wonderful people I met then. I loved the food, the coffee, and the atmosphere. 

I graduated from college and moved to Florida as an event planner. I loved exploring the out of the way places, rivers and the Gulf. I will share some of those spots in this blog so you can enjoy them too. I had so many new adventures in Florida and my jobs required me to travel the whole state and review resorts for legislative conference and golf tournament planning.

After Russell and I married and had our daughter we moved to Virginia. When Casi was four, my healthy, young husband died of the flu. It was very traumatic. This is when I truly not only knew God but saw Him with my own eyes as Job said. I knew Him most of my life but during this time His presence sat with me.

Psalm 68 is one my favorites. In this chapter, David says that God rides on the clouds, marched through the desert, rides in the heavens, thunders. Amazing. I take it all literally and I try to imagine what it looks like - God marching through the desert ahead of me.


I especially like verses seven through ten. God marched through the desert before His people, Israel. In response to Him the earth trembled and the sky poured rain. Through the rain He revived them. David says "Your people settled in it." I see myself being taken care of, God providing what I need when I think all is lost or am wandering in the desert. He revives me and I settle in - settle in the security that He has provided for me and will in the future. I see myself snuggling into that - snuggling in to Him.

Now I am married to Mark, Casi is in highschool, and we have a student from China who lives with us on the land that was my grandfather's in the Blue Ridge mountains. 

Although this is mostly a travel blog, I share a piece of my story here in my bio because I see so many young people floundering and depressed. I have been through some stuff and I can say without a doubt God is real and He has a specific purpose for your life. He created you and knows you. I have learned that gratitude is the best medicine and helping someone besides yourself that needs you. If you want to know God, just ask Him. We were all created to know Him.

BCREEK Travels is a travel and food blog so you will find some of my travel recommends from Key West to Maine but predominantly in southern Virginia. I threw in a few family recipes for spice and especially the interesting people that I meet along the way. Enjoy.

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