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Book Release: A Cape May Christmas

“This Christmas was different. Rita’s sons, now grown men, needed her— she had to get it right.”

Rita Abernathy’s lifelong dream has come true: She and her husband Charles are the proud owners of a one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old Victorian home in the historic district of Cape May. For years, they made treasured family memories in the quaint coastal town, spending time at the beach during the summer and experiencing true Christmas magic during the holiday season. Rita believes the Cape May magic has returned to their lives at just the right time.

But, things aren’t as cheery as they seem in the Abernathy’s magnificently decorated Victorian home …

Rita’s grown sons are two years apart in age and vastly different men. Chase is a single, online travel blogger with a following worthy of his larger-than-life personality. Paul is a disgruntled family man, worried about losing his job. With the help of her daughter-in-law and sassy six-year-old granddaughter, Rita vows to bring her estranged sons together again.

Patti Kelley is a local pastry chef, widely known for her succulent croissants. Chase lends Patti a hand the night of the Christmas parade and falls in love with the sights and tastes of the seaside paradise. Soon, Patti’s fancy coffee isn’t the only thing brewing inside that bakery …

Will the magic of Cape May be enough to heal this fractured family in time for Christmas?


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