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Downtown Murals - Roanoke, VA

April 2024 Jon Murrill’s Lady Appalachia in Vinton

Absolutely amazing! Check out more of his work on Insta @jonmdraws

(June 2023) Artists: James Bullough and Onur Dinc

Golden Cactus Brewing on Salem Avenue

206 Williamson Road (Who is the artist?)

Salem Avenue at Big Lick Brewery, Artist James Bullough of Berlin

4th Street and Elm Avenue

The Great Heron in Wasena, Artist Toobz (Scott Noel)
  • Mosaics at the Market Building - Cheryl Foster

  • Around Taubman - "Everyone Wants to Love Their Mark" by Mickael Broth

  • & "In It for the Long Run" by Toobz

  • First Street alley by Toobz

  • 581 Overpass pylons by Brenda Mauney Councill

  • Western Virginia Water Authority mural by Ashley Roop


  • Wasena Bridge - "Beautiful View" by Jared Bader of Philadelphia

  • Main Street Bridge in Wasena

  • Maurice's Mockingbird Mural by Toobz


Roanoke Art extras...

Roanoke's Art by Night >

Another awesome mural has just been added to the Greenway.

Artist: Jon Murrill (painted with the help of volunteers)


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