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the Linden Row Inn - Richmond, VA

The Linden Row Inn is a sweet "boutique historic hotel" located in downtown Richmond. I first stayed at the Linden Row when I worked for the American Heart Association and their headquarters were located in Richmond. The long wooden porches overlooking the courtyard made a romantic imprint in my memory of this 70 room hotel.

Paintings of Edgar Allan Poe are on the walls throughout the inn and statues of ravens sit atop the antique furniture. It is said that the gardens, where the courtyard now is, is where Poe played as a child and is the garden that he wrote of as the "enchanted garden" in the poem "To Helen."

One of my favorite things about Linden Row's rooms are the large windows. Across the street from our room was the Richmond Public Library. Our windows looked out on to Franklin Street.

The restaurant located in the Linden Row is the Parterre. The Parterre offers traditional southern favorites.

A stay at the Linden Row Inn is a fun get away. It is in walking distance to so many places in downtown Richmond worth visiting and delicious food.

100 E Franklin St

Richmond, VA 23219

Look for more articles about Richmond in the future! What should I check out on my next visit? Tell me in the comments below!


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