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the Lodge at Wakulla Springs - Crawfordville, "old Florida"

Wakulla Springs is like traveling back in time. The springs are known for the filming of the 1954 film, Creature from the Black Lagoon. You can see the memorabilia from the film in the lobby of the lodge.

You are welcome to swim in the springs and visit the lodge at no cost. Along with the lodge, there is the restaurant, soda fountain and gift shop, and boat tours. Edward Ball built the lodge in 1935. I have not stayed in the lodge but Wakulla Springs is a favorite place that I have visited many times.

I love the boat tours down the Wakulla river. You see the cypress trees with Spanish moss dripping off the branches, alligators, manatees in the right season, and so many varieties of birds. You can also walk through the lobby and see Old Joe.

The soda fountain has the longest known marble bar. It is an old fashioned soda fountain and gift shop.


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